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CBD for better sex

Sex and affection are basic human needs, but they’re not always easy to find. It can be hard to find the right partner, and if you do, they may have trouble satisfying your needs. 

This blog post will explore how to use CBD for better sex, and relieve sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

What is CBD, and how can it help improve sex?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many cannabinoids found in the plant Cannabis Sativa. Researchers have explored its possible therapeutic applications over many years and found it to have many useful applications.

Cannabis has two main compounds: CBD and THC. THC causes marijuana’s psychoactive effects while CBD is non intoxicating.

Of the cannabinoids, THC is by far the most active. When a person introduces THC into their body with heat via smoking or vaping, or by eating edibles, it breaks down and produces psychoactive effects.

CBD, unlike THC, doesn’t give people the high typically associated with marijuana use. Research suggests that used internally and externally, CBD can produce significant changes in the body, including faster healing and relief of pain or inflammation.

Uses of CBD

CBD appears to affect the body in many different ways. People use it for pain relief, for insomnia, to combat stress and nerves, for mental health issues such as PTSD and SAD, for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, and for digestive issues such as GERD/GORD and IBS. 

It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is even being used to treat the symptoms of Covid-19 in some hospitals. 

There have also been persistent, but unsubstantiated claims that it may be useful in the treatment of cancer, and in fact the UK is to launch a nationwide study next year investigating the use of Sativex, a cannabis-based prescription drug, in the treatment of aggressive brain tumours.

CBD is being used for a varitey of conditions including pain, insomnia, and anxiety
CBD is being used for a variety of conditions including pain, insomnia, and anxiety

How CBD can enhance sexual pleasure

CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is our body’s monitoring system, and its aim is to keep our body in an even state: neither too hot nor too cold, not too hungry, too stressed or too tired. It controls a multitude of things in our body including sleep, fertility, pain control, stress response, body temperature, appetite to name just a few. 

It uses a key and lock system of cannabinoid receptors (the locks) and endocannabinoids, chemicals that act as keys. 

Cannabinoid receptors are abundant in our reproductive organs and sexual tissue. CBD increases blood flow to these tissues, improving sensitivity and encouraging the body’s natural lubricants.

It has also been shown in studies to help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. This relaxation can help to eliminate the distractions and worries that can sabotage a satisfying sexual encounter.

CBD aids in the production of natural neurotransmitters and endorphins which leads to a more pleasurable sexual experience. Whilst it has no euphoric effects, it also appears to improve sexual performance by boosting anandamide, our “bliss” neurotransmitter. 

Sexual benefits of using CBD

Although there haven’t been many scientific studies on CBD’s sexual advantages, there are many new nonprescription products on the market that claim to aid with the following sexual issues.

Sexual arousal and libido

It’s all too simple to mix up desire and arousal. After all, these components of your sexuality can be tough to separate from one another if you’re happy with your sex life. 

Libido – your sexual appetite or desire, refers to your baseline interest in sex.

Your physiological response to sexual stimuli is referred to as arousal. Vaginal lubrication and increased blood flow to the labia, clitoris, and vagina are physical signs of this.

For women in particular, libido or sexual desire tends to change throughout their lives for a variety of reasons. Low sexual desire (HSDD) and the inability to experience or maintain arousal (sexual arousal disorder) are two conditions that are extremely frequent. 

According to studies, approximately half of all women will experience some form of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives.

almost half of all women will suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction
According to studies, almost half of all women will suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction in their lives

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

There are numerous sexual advantages of utilizing CBD. The ability to reverse erectile dysfunction is the most notable benefit. Injury or insufficient flow of blood to your genitals are the leading physical causes of this disorder. CBD can help by increasing blood flow to the genitals. 

However many cases of ED have no underlying physical cause. Psychological issues such as anxiousness, sleeping disorders and depression can also cause problems. CBDs stress relieving properties can help remove these psychological barriers and allow your body to work naturally again.

Anxiety relief

As well as the issues discussed above, some people suffer from sexual performance anxiety, which makes it difficult for them to have satisfying sex.

CBD has been well tested in the use of anxiety disorders, In this 2019 study, adult men who took 300–600 milligrams of CBD saw a dramatic drop in such symptoms.

And of course less stress equals a higher libido and better sexual experiences all round.


Many women have reported that CBD oil-based lubricants have improved their capacity to relieve painful sex or dryness during sex, allowing them to enjoy intimate activities more fully. Aside from relieving vaginal dryness, the benefits of utilizing a CBD lubricant include reduced inflammation and muscular relaxation, and increased blood flow.

It is also worth noting that in places like the US, where marijuana is legal at a state level, there are many THC-containing lubricants on the market which claim to increase pleasure and sensitivity: These can definitely spice things up in the bedroom. Let’s hope they become available over here in the near future!

Premature ejaculation

This is one of the most common sexual disorders in men, and generally the causes fit into two categories; either physical issues (low testosterone, vascular issues, low serotonin, drug side effects); or psychological, with a performance anxiety (social anxiety) root.

If the problem is physical CBD may help by allowing more blood to the area, or by allowing a reduction in the drugs causing the physical issue. 

Most psychological based PE is caused by anxiety – the fear of ejaculating too quickly. CBD oil has been shown to reduce this anxiety, allowing both parties to relax and therefore improving performance.

Increased pleasure and stronger orgasms

CBD can help you enjoy your night by easing tension and inflammation that can cause discomfort, enabling you to focus on the good stuff. It can increase blood flow to tissues and improve nerve sensation, enhancing feeling, sensitivity, and lubrication when applied topically.

This increase of blood flow to the genitalia means higher sexual arousal. Add this to the increased sensitivity in the nerve endings and you have the recipe for earth shattering orgasms!

CBD is a great mood enhancer and can help you get in the mood for romance

Mood enhancer

CBD is a great mood enhancer and may elicit romantic feelings in some people. CBD has been shown in studies to lower stress. This relaxation can help to eliminate the distractions and worries that can sabotage a satisfying sexual encounter and lead to an all round improvement in your sex life.

Pain relief

While there isn’t a lot of data on CBD and lubrication, studies suggest that topical CBD can help with pain and inflammation, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to back this up. As a result, CBD-infused lubricants may be beneficial to those who suffer from dryness and uncomfortable intercourse.

How to use CBD oil to improve your sex life

CBD products can be used in a variety of ways in your sex life. Here are several examples:

  • Using CBD massage oil as foreplay 
  • Applying CBD lubricants to minimize dryness and enhance pleasure 
  • Ingesting edibles before sex to promote more fulfilling sex 
  • Taking CBD oil before sex to reduce anxiety and boost sensation

The list is sure to grow as studies continue to investigate CBD’s sexual effects.

CBD oil is great for massage and foreplay
Try using CBD oil for massage and foreplay

The bottom line

By increasing the love hormone anandamide, easing pain, stress and tension, CBD can help to put you in the right mood for an intimate sexual encounter.

A growing number of people find that taking CBD daily helps them feel better in bed, and experience higher levels of arousal. If you feel your love life needs a lift, why not give this natural remedy a try?


How do I ensure I get a good product?

Remember that no government body regulates non prescription cbd products in Europe and the UK so make sure you choose a reliable brand that you trust or get advice from an expert in the field. 

Can CBD make sex better?

CBD can help relax blood vessels and boost the flow of blood to your sexy bits, enhancing arousal, sensitivity, and lubrication when applied topically. While the science behind it is still being studied, if you suffer from dryness and uncomfortable sex, utilizing a lubricant containing CBD can help you increase sexual performance and relieve discomfort, helping to boost libido.

Can cannabis or CBD cause erectile problems?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by a range of physical and mental health disorders, as well as certain lifestyle decisions, such as the use of certain recreational drugs. 

Some studies suggest that persistant use of high THC cannabis can reduce sex drive. Let’s face it, its hard to feel sexy when youre suffering from “couch-lock! However, the good news is that this is not the case for CBD. In fact, using CBD can only help your sex life.

Does CBD make you last longer in bed?

The precise mechanism by which CBD may aid with ED is unknown. CBD may help to relax blood arteries, increase blood flow and improve nerve sensation, according to one theory. Improved blood flow to the penis can help with ED symptoms and facilitate longer-lasting sex and sexual wellness.

What’s the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolated CBD?

The cannabis plant contains over 500 different compounds including cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. Full spectrum CBD contains all of these elements which work together in the so-called entourage effect, complementing each other to help you more. Broad spectrum CBd contains most of these, but will include very low levels or no THC. This is a good option for those who get anxious as THC can exacerbate this, even at very low levels. CBD isolate is just pure CBD containing none of the other elements .


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